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  1. Oh! Nevermind @tuanphan. I got it to work with: #order-confirmed header#header, footer.sections { display:none; } Thank you!
  2. It's not working for some reason. 😞 Here's the latest confirmation page, hopefully it will work for you. https://www.parboild.com/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=5ffc9f5727cb936a503e2b69&authCode=NWZmYzlmNTcyN2NiOTM2YTUwM2UyYjY5OjIwMjEtMDEtMTFUMTg6NTY6MjEuNzAzWoyg4mqN-gnIZeWJ-ztPxQnrJyKyw-M_4NOEW28BnCNM
  3. Site URL: https://parboild.com/shop I need to hide both the header and footer on my order confirmation page. I got it to hide on the cart page using this code: body#cart { header#header { display: none !important; } footer.sections { display: none; } } But I can't figure out the confirm page. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  4. I'm also wondering how to remove the header and footer on the order confirmatiom page. 😓
  5. This worked great for the filtered results pages, but it broke the transparency on the rest. Is it possible to make it opaque ONLY on the author/category filtered pages?
  6. Site URL: https://www.parboild.com/ I'm using custom code to make my fixed site header transparent when at the top of the page, then opaque as you scroll down. However, I don't want this on my filtered results pages, because there is no image at the top. Is it possible to make the header always opaque on filtered results pages? Without breaking the transparency on every other page? Here's an example of a filtered page: https://www.parboild.com/?author=5cc649a0f4a17f000189897b I also have them for categories: https://www.parboild.com/blog/category/Quick+snack
  7. Site URL: https://spinach-tarantula-nbae.squarespace.com/ My primary meta, which is set to Author, isn't linking anywhere on my blog's home page. The secondary meta, category, is a working link. Did I miss a setting somewhere? https://spinach-tarantula-nbae.squarespace.com/
  8. Ah, got it. Thank you so much! This makes sense. I'll see about that Javascript.
  9. Site URL: https://spinach-tarantula-nbae.squarespace.com/ The author profiles in 7.1 don't offer a lot of styling options. I'm wondering if I can get author profiles to look like they did in 7.0: Is it possible to center the text and change the text size and style of the author's name? Password: itstoohot
  10. I think so? So when you click on the author's name, it surfaces a filtered list of all posts by Shells. My issue is there's no "Posts by Shells" at the top of that page of filtered results. It would be cool if I could get the author profiles to surface on top of all those filtered results pages, like you could in 7.0:
  11. Sorry about that! I'm new to all this. https://spinach-tarantula-nbae.squarespace.com/ Password: itstoohot
  12. Site URL: https://spinach-tarantula-nbae.squarespace.com/ When I filter blog posts by author or category in 7.1, there's no visual indication of what page I'm on. 7.0 used to include text indicating what filtered results you're looking at. Something like "Posts by Author X." Is there any way to add that back in?
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