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  1. Site URL: https://darasenders.com/allcollections Hi There: I HAVE A FEW QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO THE VISUAL LOOK OF MY ECOMM SITE. On the ecomm page of a site, is there a way to add custom color swatches to the bottom of the product. Is it possible to show the sizes in boxes and not in a drop down box that also keep track of inventory so if a size ans color is sold out the size will be faded? these photos attached are from shopify, but I really don't like shopify and prefer square space. Is it also possible to have a comments section in the ecomm product page for customers to leave their reviews about the product is it possible to have a full ecomm store with some merchandise showing it will be available to order on a specific date? I am launching my collection in drops and I want to show everything in the same store page but I dont want it to say sold out if it is not ready to be ordered. It will say sold out because there wont be inventory available for the specific product because I have my page set up that items without inventory say sold out for products that have been sold out. I hope this made sense. any info on this is appreciated. thank you so much!
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