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  1. I made another edit: https://www.travelpatches.co.uk/shop/australia-travel-patch "You might also like" is text below the exerp and it's not in white either. Sorry.
  2. Hey, You've done so much so far so thank you, but there's just one last bit that isn't white. https://www.travelpatches.co.uk/blog-brine/2015/10/15/ramen-p79hb The title isn't white when you click on the blog post, and at the bottom on the left and right (previous blog post and next blog post) are not in white either. Thank you for your help so far, you've helped me enormously, I can send you a couple of free patches as a thanks?
  3. Thanks for the custom css, it worked and the shopping cart looks perfect now! I have activated the blog page so you can navigate to it yourself: https://www.travelpatches.co.uk/blog-brine Thank you!
  4. Site URL: https://www.travelpatches.co.uk/ Hi, I've pretty much finished customizing my site, however on the two photos i've attached there is certain text in the blog and in the shopping basket page that I can't turn white by using the settings. On the shopping basket page, it would be nice to the other text to be bigger and whiter but that's not a priority. Does anyone have any idea whether I just missed the setting or if I have to add code to the page instead. Thank you for any replies!
  5. Hey, Where it says "Shopping Cart" is faded, and I want to change it to a white colour. But I can't find the correct setting, or subsection in order to do it. I've searched google, and spent a couple of hours working away at it but to no avail. The template is Brine is that matters, Thanks.
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