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  1. @rwp


    Here's a YT tutorial  similar to what i need to achieve. The biggest difference is that i need to put static image and gif as thumbnail of a page, so exterior from the page itself (see https://marcotronconi.com/ thumbnail I am reffering to are the "cover images" form the clickable page)  Where should i code inject? From design > custom Css / or / as a "code" content block inside the interested page?


  2. Site URL: https://marcotronconi.com/

    Hello there, 

    I'm new into coding. In my website https://marcotronconi.com/ I would like to add a line of code that plays the thumbnail video (see the upper first thumbnail) only when overing with cursor and returns as a static image when not overing. (similar to the current youtube thumbnail experience..)
    The url for the YT video is https://youtu.be/rZBLXaa4cgw

    The media (so the url) is pasted in: Page setting> media 
    Will the code be injected in page settings > advance / or /  as a "code" content block inside the interested page?

    I have the personal plan, so i can only use css. 

    Thanks a lot, and greetings from Italy,

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