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  1. Sure. Any of the products on his page on mobile. For example, https://www.handmadecrafthouse.co.uk/shop/p/river-frost-print. I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max. I tried on an iPhone 11 and the image is present.
  2. I was looking for the same solution and came across this answer. I tried it, but it made my picture disappear. Looking at your site on mobile, @TPatts, your images are blank, too. I'm using Safari for iPhone. Is there maybe an update to this CSS, @tuanphan? Thanks!
  3. Can you please share the CSS you used to solve this? Thanks!
  4. Hi Brandon, I've applied your solution and your updated solution in Home-Design and on the Product Page Header. I'm not seeing anything change and my images are still cropped. Can you please let me know where to paste this. It seems to be working for people and I'd love to use it! Thanks!
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