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  1. Hi Spencer, I’m unable to change the h1 overlay colour on the site styles as I need it in white elsewhere. do you know the code which would allow me to change the h1 overlay colour on only this index page? thanks, emma
  2. Site URL: http://www.stampdesignco.com Hi, Does anyone know how I can change the colour of just one index page on my homepage, to make it stand out? I tried adding a coloured banner which worked, but then the H1 title changed colour (because it became an overlay) and I couldn't work out how to change it back to black! The section I'm wanting to change colour is the instagram-lookbook section on the homepage. Site password is 'spaceform1' Thanks, Enma
  3. Yes please! I would like the bottom border on my homepage to be white, but on all other pages throughout my site for it to be black. Is this possible? And if so do you know the code? thanks 😊
  4. Hi, I recently purchased this mega menu plugin-not realising it wouldn’t work when accessing the site on a mobile device. Does anyone know how I can also set up my mobile navigation as a mega menu? (I’m not bothered about it popping out, just having folders within folders if you get me). I’m using the Brine template if that helps! Thanks all!
  5. Amazing thank you so much... though this has only made the line black on the 'Capri' page not on the rest? Am I better making them all black and then changing only the homepage one to white?
  6. Hi, it was private as it's not finished but I've just made it live: www.stampdesignco.com If you click on 'stationary' and 'Capri' you'll see what I mean... Also, by any chance do you know how I change the colour of my logo on mobile? I've managed to do it on desktop (it's white on the homepage but black on all other pages) but it's still appearing as white on all my pages when viewed on a tablet or phone. Thanks 🙂
  7. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows how I change my bottom border colour on just one page (the line I have under my navigation header). On my homepage it's white, but on all other pages I want it to be black (as I have no banner image so you can't see it if it's white!) Using the Brine template if that helps! Thanks, Emma
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