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  1. Video attached. If I manually type in /portfolio after my website name the page comes up...but not from dropdown menu. IMG_2248.MOV
  2. Oh really....well I guess that's good news! I'm on my MAC laptop and cannot click on the 'Portfolio' option in the menu in both Chrome and Safari? Is there a page hierarchy setup for desktops views somewhere?
  3. Site URL: https://www.kyliecousinsphotography.com.au/ When you look at my website on laptop (or PC) and you go to my navigation / dropdown menu my ‘Portfolio’ link is not working. It is working properly on phone, and when I look through my backend setups, it’s all working properly. I'm using the Carson template. The only thing i can see is my Portfolio is setup as an 'Index' with 3 galleries attached. All other items in my menu are 'Pages'. Not sure if that has anything to do with it? But it is only on laptop/ PC this link doesn't work? Can someone please suggest what i need to do
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