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  1. Try something else in the space after background-color: instead of #ffffff For example, I used on my site background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.7) If you don't know the color code you want go to the style editor and where you choose font colors pick the color you would use for desired background and find the color's code there. If that doesn't work do you have other css for backgrounds that may be overriding the new code you put in?
  2. Zurask- What did you type for the code you tried? I can try to piece together where an error might be
  3. Just figured it out on my own with some experimenting for those who want to know: .collection-[id] #content { background-color: [your color #]; }
  4. Does anyone happen to know the CSS to change the content background color (behind the text)? Thank you in advance if anyone has any helpful hints.
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