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  1. Site URL: https://mushroom-carrot-zt4h.squarespace.com/ Wondering if it's possible to adjust the position of the social icons in 7.1. My site has no borders, which is great for the video blocks, but the mail icon gets a little lost: https://mushroom-carrot-zt4h.squarespace.com pass: SiteTest I'd love to nudge it in from the edge a little bit, or even put it on the left... Thanks!
  2. I was struggling with this too, and then I realized you can eliminate the button: .sqs-video-icon { display: none; } and then just bake a custom one onto your thumbnail.
  3. Looks like I can get the effect I want in 7.1 by going to Design >> Spacing and then dropping the site margin down to 0.
  4. Still unpublished: https://mushroom-carrot-zt4h.squarespace.com pass: SiteTest
  5. Thanks but that doesn't accomplish what I'm looking for. I think that prevents YouTube from playing the next video. I'm looking to have the video appear full bleed, but not start until a visitor clicks play.
  6. Looking to create full bleed video on a site that does not autoplay. Willing to go the banner route, but how can I disable autoplay? Willing to go the video block route, but how can I make the thumbnail/video full bleed? Currently in 7.1 but early in the build and it's a simple site so willing to adopt a 7.0 template if I have to. Thanks!
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