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  1. Hey everybody, our set-up: E-Commerce via Squarespare Collecting E-Mail Consent within Check-Out as well as Pop-up Interface to Mail Chimp E-Mail List managed at Mailchimp Customer stored at Squarespace Recently we are thinking to switch from Mailchimp to Squarespace E-Mail. What is the best way to re-import our E-Mailing List from Mailchimp to Squarespare, especially in terms of merging / migrating the marketing consents? Best, Florian
  2. Hi Everybody, we want to set-up "Customer-Retention"-E-Mails" to adress customer certain days after their individual last purchase. Therefor i would like to use "Commerce automations - Sent after someone purchases a product on your site." and define: Product = "Any Product" Time = 30 days My Question: How does the trigger "30 Days" act, when customer purchase in the meantime? a.) Trigger count for each purchase and E-Mail will be sent although customer has conducted a new purchase in the meantime? b.) Trigger is set-back to zero Days by every conducte
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