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  1. Hello, how can I change the size of the thumbnails for each product on the main store page? Thank-you
  2. Does anyone know how to do this? I see there have been 10 views of my question but no answers 😟
  3. I would like to use the product pages on my site to display my products, but because I am not actually selling online, I need to hide the following elements: Add to Cart button Quantity area Price How do I do this? Version 7.1 Thank-you, Dianna
  4. I am using a Surface Book attached to an external Dell monitor. After reading through some more forum posts I tried disconnecting the external monitor from the Surface Book and now everything works fine. That's total BS that the system is buggy with external monitors hooked up. I'm beginning to seriously question my choice of web site provider. From the other posts I read it sounds like SS isn't doing anything about it either. 😡
  5. I am also having the same issue. Yesterday when I started I had no problem. Today I cannot edit anything except header and footer. I have spent the last 3 hours scouring over videos and help topics and I have found nothing to resolve the problem. I tried deleting all the cookies and clearing the browser history - didn't work. I switched from Chrome to Edge - still didn't work. VERY disappointed that after I paid for a year of service this thing is turning out to be full of bugs. 😡
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