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  1. It worked!!!! you have helped me quite a bit, even on email.. I would like to donate, how can I do this? im very grateful for you.
  2. Yes, will try this and see if it works ! Thank you !
  3. Site URL: https://hellomisha.ca/home-page Anyone know how to change order of blocks on mobile? Something showing side by side on desktop shows the wrong one on top on mobile view. and how to not make my page like scroll off screen? Like it goes towards side bouncing slightly off screen when sliding (site still under face lift)
  4. Yes! While awaiting replies I just kept trying to figure out how to apply border settings. I was putting stuff like border-radius-20px #(color) border: 20px #(color) but now finally got it. thank you!
  5. How did you find my code ?😱 that’s neat.
  6. Navigation! But I got it sorted. Thank you!!!
  7. Site URL: https://hellomisha.ca/home-page So I got the correct css to apply the sticky button on the side (bottom for mobile) however I can’t seem to add a border to it. Seriously just need a thin border with the same color as the text. And the same transparent background I want a thin border around “inquire” to make it look like a button ..
  8. Site URL: https://www.hellomisha.ca How do I change the size of the navigation ? It’s bigger than it needs to be and takes up space on screen .. In my screenshot below 🙂
  9. Does websites have to be out of trial for me to apply to circle? Or can I still apply immediately after I successfully add 3 sites To my account ?
  10. So I know In order to become sqaurespace circle member, you need three active sites. luckily I have two clients who want to work with me to design their template. But how do I go about this since I’m not a circle member? And how do I ensure that it will be considered a site I designed to apply for circle ?
  11. Wondering how to go about getting the tiny arrow and “read more” for blog posts As you can see the small arrow at the bottom
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