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  1. the tax person we consulted said that as long as our physical business location is only located in our own state (the only place where our tax id is registered to collect sales tax to) than that is the sales tax we would apply sending to all states. So we applied our state tax rate for the 50 states. Still had to manually enter that for each state - but was way less work than having to put in all the zip codes.
  2. Hey Paul - Would there be a way to set the QTY drop down to start at a certain number (such as 4) instead of 1? Making 4 the minimum purchase qty...
  3. So if I'm trying to set up a commerce site to sell to the contiguous United States (48 states)... I'd have to input the zipcode rules for all 48 states?! Tried to contact TaxJar and that isn't even available until Mid-September.
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