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  1. Are you able to access my website? I just had it renewed.
  2. Thanks, Leopard. I was wondering how I might style the Join Now button in CSS?
  3. Please let me know if you got the invite I just sent. Thank you again! I really appreciate it.
  4. I would appreciate that! What email should I use to add you as an admin?
  5. Hi Leopold, I am not sure but I don't see it changing the mobile part.
  6. One last question, do you know how to get it to display on a mobile device too?
  7. It is a button link but I need it to be static like the Join Now button so it doesn't get smashed in the navigation when I change the width of the screen. Does that make sense?
  8. Hey! I actually don't think what I have is working. I just need an additional CTA button in the navigation next to Join Now. The password should work now. Could you please help me? Thank you!
  9. Actually I was able to get some help so it is working now. I do need help to make the mobile version display it as a button instead of text link. I am still trying to figure out the password. Thank you!
  10. Hmm that is strange. Whenever I try to change it back to Fitness19 it changes it. One sec.
  11. It is http://curlfitness2.squarespace.com Password Fitness19. Thank you!
  12. Hi I need a second button in the navigation in a 7.1 template. The "Trial Pass" should be a button (see attached). Please help me. Thanks!
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