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  1. I got this working! I wasn't using the right anchor link codes... Thanks!
  2. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply! I'm using a fixed header that shrinks when you scroll down the page. Do you know what modification I need to make?
  3. Hi! I been able to set up one anchor link on my main navigation page that works/scrolls fine, but I've had no luck using them on any other page... this sounds like it might be a solution! Do you mind sharing your code? Thanks for your help!
  4. Site URL: https://tylerdavidfergusonphd.com/ On the main page, if you click the “online professional services” text, it scrolls down to an anchor later on the page. I want to set up similar anchors on each of the pages in the Service folder. For example, if you go into the “Digital Training” and click on the “Video” text link, I want it to scroll down to the video section, “Process” text link, down to the process section, etc.. Unfortunately, I can’t get the anchor links to scroll/work on any page but the main page. I can’t even add a second anchor link that works on the main page… even thou
  5. Hello! I'm having the same issue. Anchor link works fine on my main page, but on any other page it doesn't seem to work. The page seems to load with the anchor link in the web address, but then doesn't advance/skip down to the correct section. I'm using a basic business account. Thanks!
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