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  1. On the page editor, I just turned OFF the 'Fixed Position' option and it seems to have fixed it. Does anyone know what the 'Fixed Position' actually does?
  2. Thanks for your input Thomas, I have turned on the transparent feature but has not fixed the white box!
  3. Hi! Thank you so much. I have attached a screenshot. It happens when you scroll from down the page, back to the very top.
  4. Site URL: https://www.yesterdaytodayforever.com.au/home Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with the below? Thank you in advance! - When you scroll back to the top of any page, stop that white box showing at the top of the screen - When you hover over a navigation link, make the label bold - Make the 'SERVICES' dropdown menu transparent
  5. I have found code via another forum question that makes my dropdown menu blue but I would like it to be transparent only on my home page. This is the code I have used to get it to be blue. /* Change dropdown menu background */ .header-nav-folder-content { background: #C4DEE4 !important; Hoping someone can help me. I can't share the site as it isn't live but have included a screenshot. Im using version 7.1 & the DEGRAW template.
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