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  1. Hello again - Ok, I've created a page that's the same but with image blocks containing the main images. So how would I now create the hover over effect of showing an alternative image? https://rentstart.org/meet-our-team-1 Thank you 🙂
  2. Great, what would that code be? And how would one use it with Image Blocks?
  3. Site URL: https://rentstart.org Hello I have created a 'meet our team' page using code blocks instead of image blocks so that I can use hover over effects in which the images change (as per this tutorial). After wrestling with some formatting issues, it now looks fine when I'm logged in: LoggedIn2.mov But when I go to the actual URL, the spacing changes, the image sizes change, the hover over effect changes: URL2.mov Any help much appreciated! (Even if there's a better way of creating this page with hover over effects)
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