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  1. Site URL: https://www.corepipe.com Good morning! We are using Squarespace as our primary website and then have a Magento site for our e-commerce needs. In menu of our Squarespace site we have a "Shop" button that links to the Magento site and opens a new window. In Google Analytics I'm seeing a lot of visits coming to our site and staying on the home page. My assumption is that these visitors are coming to the site and then promptly clicking "Shop" and going to the Magento site. I want to know for sure, so I'm hoping to track clicks on the "Shop" button, but Google Tag Manager nee
  2. Wow, this is exactly what I'm looking for! That was crazy fast. Thank you so much! Quick question about it, is buying a business license necessary if operating a website for a business, or is it meant if for those operating a business that does work on different sites? If I'm only managing the one site for a company, is it fine to just get a standard license? Trying to figure out if this is similar to stock photo licensing where type of usage (personal vs promotional) matters, or if it's literally just the amount of times you can implement it.
  3. Site URL: https://www.corepipe.com/history-test-unfindable Good morning everyone! First post here. I recently started with a new company in a sales/marketing capacity and I'm making some improvements and adding some content to our website, but I'm still very much getting acquainted with Squarespace. I'm currently trying to implement a scroller/carousel at the bottom of the Our Team page (not published yet). What I'm envisioning is having our leadership team photos and bios static, but then doing a "Featured Employee" section below it that scrolls through 4-5 employees each week. I
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