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  1. On my website, I have created a few categories on the left side to organize the products. The problem is that for the first category, everything went smoothly. But for the second category, I am seeing the product under the category but also on the main page. I don't know why this is happening. I don't understand why the product is being duplicated when I press "save and publish."
  2. Hello, I've looked into the backend of the website and found the existing code for the checkout button located on the cart page. I would like to add a similar button on our products page to view the cart under the add to cart button, hopefully to improve the user experience. (yessss i know the user could scroll up to the top and click on the cart) I have included screenshots that i though might be helpful one for an area i believe we could add the button. Thank you advance for any help! using squarespace 7.1 !
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