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  1. Site URL: https://www.angelamaritz.com/ Hi Please can I have advice, is it at all possible with coding to upload a different logo image to my homepage header only. I need my header logo image on my homepage to be white with a transparent background and on the rest of the site to be black with a transparent background. I'm building a new 7.1 site. Thanks
  2. Hey @RyanDejaegher. This form has lightbox mode enabled hence it appears as a button, is that why the code is not working?
  3. Hey @RyanDejaegher its a form button for this page only https://angela-maritz.squarespace.com/angela-maritz-free-checklist Id like these form buttons to be about twice the size it is now, so that it stands out on the page.
  4. Hi RyanDejaegher, I can't seem to get it too work?
  5. Hi RyanDejaegher, thanks so much! I've not done this before do I head to Design - Custom CSS - add that code to the box?
  6. Site URL: https://angela-maritz.squarespace.com/angela-maritz-free-checklist Hi, Is there a way I can increase the size of a form button with custom code? Thanks for the advice.
  7. Thank you! Just seen your reply, a friend sorted it. Thanks again :-)
  8. Site URL: https://www.angelamaritz.com/ Hi I've created a page that is in my "not linked section" as I need it to function as a seperate landing page and not be reflected on my website. Is there a way to delete the website Header and navigation links on this page only? Also would I need to upgrade to a business plan to do this? Thanks Angela
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