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  1. @NickScola Fantastic, that has worked perfectly!! Do you know a code to reduce the block padding around the 'add to cart button'? I am trying to stack the buttons closer together. thanks, Elvin
  2. Hi @NickScola that worked perfect for the size reduction, however the button, once pressed, shoots off to a left alignment. is there anyway to keep it centre aligned after being pressed? thanks Elvin
  3. Site URL: https://www.sundayseltzer.co.uk/barge-drinks Hi there, I have managed to re label all my 'add to cart buttons' and the are looking great however once the button has been pressed and the product 'added!' to cart the button reduces in size by approx 25% . if you press the button again, it reduces by a further 25% etc etc. how can I stop the button reducing every time the product has been added to cart. in the images you can see the 'beer can' product has reduced. regards, Elvin
  4. hi @tuanphan yes reduce height and round the corners. thanks
  5. Site URL: https://www.sundayseltzer.co.uk/mixed-eight/p/mixedeight hi there. does anyone know how to customise the 'product selection' and 'quantity' boxes? I would like to have them match the 'add to cart' box. any help would be greatly appreciated. regards, Elvin
  6. Site URL: https://www.sundayseltzer.co.uk hi there, im wondering if someone can help me with the CSS code to change the product title font on my homepage? also, is there a way to remove/change the quantity box? see attached photo. regards, Elvin
  7. hi @tuanphan sorry for the slow reply. here is a link to the cart. https://www.sundayseltzer.co.uk/cart
  8. hi @tuanphan change the font to: font-family: 'book'!important; :)
  9. Site URL: https://www.sundayseltzer.co.uk hi there, I have managed to change the front across my website but I cant find the right css to change the font for 'product titles' in the 'shopping cart' page https://www.sundayseltzer.co.uk/cart password: sunday any help would be greatly appreciated.
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