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  1. The Masonry Blog default layout sequences/orders/arranges post from right to left like in this screen shot below, where 001 is on the right side and 002 is on the left side. I am looking to customize the masonry Blog so that it sequences/orders/arranges the posts from left to right like in this screenshot below, so that 001 is on the left side and 002 is on the right side.
  2. Yes. When the posts appear on the Masonry Blog page in a 2 column format they are sequenced/ordered to begin with post 001 on the bottom right of the page and post 002 on the bottom right. I am looking to customize this sequence/order so that post 001 begins on the bottom left of the page layout and post 002 is on the bottom right of the page layout.
  3. Site URL: https://nightsinnoir.com/obscura-noir-street-photography-nairobi Hi! I'm seeking to customize the way Masonry blog in 7.1 layout posts. I'm looking to have the posts run from left to right. Instead of the way they are currently running from right to left. Is there any code I could add to the site to make this customization?
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