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  1. Hi @tuanphan, thanks for this. I removed and added the suggested code but the line is still there. Any other idea what could cause it? https://grape-halibut-xsjk.squarespace.com/ PW: circle
  2. @tuanphan Do you have an idea what could be the issue?
  3. Site URL: https://grape-halibut-xsjk.squarespace.com/ Hi folks, I'm looking for some help locating an issue. Site: https://grape-halibut-xsjk.squarespace.com/ PW: circle I am customizing some sections on the homepage of a client's site by reducing the width of a section image background. There are some weird borders showing up between the section which I am trying to locate and get rid of. I can't find anything though that's causing it, so I assume it's the code. The code I've used for the 2 sections is: section[data-section-id="612b517f123966413388c1b9"] .section-background { width: 40%; left: 60%; top:10% } section[data-section-id="612b5351656dee1f45969604"] .section-background { width: 40%; right: 60%; top:10% } Thank you for any leads.
  4. Thanks a million @tuanphan. You're killing it every single time!
  5. @tuanphan, I could use your help with something similar. Trying to invert logo & header nav on scroll in SS 7.1. Goal is to display the logo, nav and social icons in white and have the turn black on scroll (once you see the white background). site: https://bison-marigold-6s6h.squarespace.com pw: haiku
  6. Hey everyone, I have a client that sells handmade pipes/green business. I'm familiar with the fact that payment processing for these kind of products is nearly impossible with the options offered by Squarespace. I'm trying t find out if I can build a brochure site that doesn't have a shop (only contact to buy) option without getting flagged. I couldn't find any reliable info on Squarespace. Thanks a lot for any input on the matter!
  7. Site URL: http://www.benidesign.co Hey guys, I'm looking for a way to get rid of the page overflow / horizontal scroll on my site. When I previously code html, page {overflow: hidden;} it removed my sticky header nav. Is there any other way I can remove that annoying side scroll? site: www.benidesign.co Thanks for any leads!
  8. Hey @tuanphan When I use the code to prevent overflow on my Brine site, it removes the sticky header nav. Any ideas how to work around? site: https://olive-marlin-t4e7.squarespace.com pw: circle Thanks a lot, appreciate if you have a minute!
  9. I think I figured it out, thanks for the help, I appreciate it! @creedon
  10. Site URL: https://olive-marlin-t4e7.squarespace.com Hey guys, I'm trying to adjust my index gallery on mobile so the entire image shows, not just a portion of it. I tried width: 100%; with no luck. Thankful for any help!! Site: https://olive-marlin-t4e7.squarespace.com pw: circle
  11. Hey there, I'm looking to create a split section with 1 side fixed and 1 side that scrolls as seen on this page: https://www.violahillstudio.com/work Is there any code snipped, or tutorial you guys know to recreate this layout? I'm using Brine!
  12. Hi @tuanphan, thanks, this code worked super well, and I'm trying to resize other index page banners on the site as well. On the second banner on the homepage, there's a gray bar that shows when scrolling. Do you know why this occurs, or a way to fix it? Thanks a lot, appreciate the help! site: https://koala-saxophone-dd8b.squarespace PW: haiku
  13. Hi there, I'm hopping on this thread trying to figure out how I can resize my Index page banners on mobile only. I like them full screen (110vh) on desktop, but on mobile the images don't work well. @tuanphan Is this an easy one? I played with css but didn't come to a working solution. Site: https://koala-saxophone-dd8b.squarespace.com/ PW: haiku Muchas gracias Circle familia!
  14. Hi there, I'm looking for a way to change the color of my sticky announcement bar when scrolling down on a page. I'm using Brine. Anybody know if this is possible? I see people do this with a sticky header nav, so there should be a way for the announcement bar? Many thanks!
  15. Hi folks, I'm trying to create two different colored buttons in the secondary header nav. I'm working with Brine, so some of my pages are index pages and have a banner, some are not (button color needs to be different on the pages without a banner) I've tried a bit of css, but none of it seems to be working on mobile. /* HEADER BUTTONS **********/ .Header-nav--secondary .Header-nav-item:first-child{ background: none!important; border: 2px solid #fff!important; color:#fff !important; } .Mobile-overlay-nav-item:first-child{ background: #fff!important; border: 2px solid #fff!important; color: #fff!important; } .Header-nav--secondary .Header-nav-item:hover:first-child{ background: white!important; border: 2px solid #fff!important; color: #000 !important; opacity:0.9; } .Header-nav--secondary .Header-nav-item:last-child{ border: 2px solid #fff!important; opacity:0.9; color:#000 !important; opacity:0.9; } .Mobile-overlay-nav-item:last-child{ border: 2px solid #fff!important; color:#000!important; } .Header-nav--secondary .Header-nav-item:hover:last-child{ background: white!important; border: 2px solid #fff!important; color: #000 !important; opacity:1; } The above code doesn't seem to do anything for mobile though. Any suggestions? Goal: Buttons on Index Pages with banner: 1 white, 1 outlined white Buttons on other pages (no banner): 1 blue, 1 outlined blue Site: https://grape-dove-n6ym.squarespace.com/ PW: piper Thanks a lot for any help with this!
  16. Thank you @tuanphan The code works if only the homepage had a banner, but other pages with a banner don't end up having the same buttons as the ones on the homepage. How can I define different button styles for pages with a banner (e.g. 'Our Team'), and pages without (i.e. 'Contact'? Not sure if this is a bigger challenge, or has an easy solution. Thanks again for your support, it's appreciated!
  17. Hi @tuanphan, I could use your help with fine tuning this. I was able to css two different style buttons in the secondary nav. However this works only on image overlay, but not on pages without a banner. I'd like to css the first button to only have a (blue) 2px border. Right now, the first button is not visible (only on hover). Compare homepage vs. contact page Site: https://grape-dove-n6ym.squarespace.com/ PW: piper Thanks a lot for taking a look!
  18. Hi @tuanphan! Thank you for being willing to help! It looks goes now, but the social links don't look great. How can I bring them on one line? Page: https://rabbit-sapphire-xrxg.squarespace.com Screenshot: Thanks a lot for your help!
  19. Hi @tuanphan I used the code provided and the secondary nav now overlaps on the logo. How can I fix this? Link: https://rabbit-sapphire-xrxg.squarespace.com/home-brine Thanks a lot!
  20. Hi friends, this thread was already helpful for me — changed my header to turn from transparent to white on scroll. I'm using Brine. On top of this, I'd also like the color of my primary + secondary nav to change. Any leads on what to add to the code?
  21. Thanks @IXStudio, that did the job. Appreciate your time!
  22. Thank you! That's so helpful! How do I add this effect to my website, simply by adding this (<div class="Loader"></div>) to my CSS? Thanks for the beta!
  23. Site URL: https://www.laterwolf.com Hi! I can't seem to find out how the designer of this page managed to create the transition/reveal effect in between pages. You'll see what I mean when you click on a page in the navigation (Info). Is this something I can do with CSS? I'm using Brine 7.0 so there's no site-wide animations built-in. Thanks for any help with this!
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