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  1. Hi, I've added an image that has no background, yet it shows up with a 10%-ish tinted background. I'd like to keep the webpage background either green or white but this image won't cooperate. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you 🙂
  2. *Never mind. I figured it out. This website design stuff is easy 😭 @RyanDejaegher One question more: How would I link to a page within my SquareSpace website? I tried pasting in the URL from the page I want to link to, but only the homepage appeared again.
  3. @RyanDejaegher Thank you for the help and providing a visual.
  4. Hi, Using the SUHAMA template, can the words on the homepage be made "clickable" (e.g., click on the words "New York City" and be sent to a gallery page)? I'm new to Squarespace and website design, so forgive me if I haven't explained this properly. Thank you!
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