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  1. Site URL: http://www.family1stent.co.uk Hi there, Is there any way I am able to change the date format on the booking format to be dd/mm/yy? Password for site:SundayTemp1 Thank you in advance, Ry
  2. This should be renewed now, thank you in advance 🙂
  3. Hi @tuanphan Is there a way to remove links on all event text (including event name if there isn't a picture)? This is for the same site (video below) https://vimeo.com/445491859
  4. You are incredible thank you so much! Do you know if the design custom css is a premium feature?
  5. There still seems to be a link on the title of the event, should this still be happening? I have attached a video so you can see IMG_2913.MOV
  6. It is located on the book a class button https://garlic-goose-s93n.squarespace.com/book-a-class
  7. https://garlic-goose-s93n.squarespace.com/ Gerrard8
  8. The site is currently on private so I am unable to share a link directly, I can send any information or videos you need if that helps for it? Thank you
  9. I am unable to disable the thumbnail and all other links on either a summary event list and calendar. and was wondering if there was some custom code that could fix this. I have attached a video for reference of what I am hoping to achieve. Thank you all in advance! @tuanphan IMG_2907.MOV
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