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  1. Site URL: https://jim-lin-k62u.squarespace.com/ Unable to fetch, clone, or pull from git in Developer mode. This worked 2 weeks ago with no local changes. Receiving bad response, 503 error and not prompted to log in.
  2. I do not have an answer to this question, but am seeing the same behavior. When I update any of the systemcollection files, such as blog.item, these changes are not reflected in localhost. I see the npm run watch copying those files to the build folder as they are updated, so npm run watch seems to be working just fine. Additionally, the .region file updates ARE reflected by localhost. None of the collection template changes seem to be reflected.
  3. I managed to resolve some major issues by hard coding in a higher version of @squarespace/toolbelt and @squarespace/server in my package.json. "@squarespace/toolbelt": "^0.10.3", "@squarespace/server": "^1.7.0", This, at least allowed me to run the basic npm commands without 404 errors. It looks like they updated the referenced endpoints in later versions of the toolbelt, but neglected to update any of the dev dependencies in any of their base templates or in wright framework. However, now I'm loading my template on localhost:9000 and zero changes I make locally are refle
  4. I have followed the attempts above, and I am also receiving a 404 error in the JSON response running squarespace-server with auth option and as sudo user (which is never a good option in dev running node dependencies please do not suggest this, Squarespace support). A 404 error is coming from the Squarespace server response. This means your API or possibly your squarespace-server script is referencing a missing API endpoint. Looking at the response, it appears this happens here: https://www.squarespace.com/api/auth/Login?crumb=undefined This can be verified using any API testing too
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