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  1. Quite sure this new reCAPTCHA text (and the popup) are entirely GDPR (and other privacy laws) related. As I'm sure many of you are aware, that is a very large privacy law from Europe, and if any visitors of your website come from Europe, your site MUST be GDPR compliant. As this is the *internet* we're talking about here, it's theoretically possible that every website could have European users. reCAPTCHA collects user data and is a Google product. Because it collects user data, it, by law, must display their privacy policy clearly and plainly to the user exactly where that data is being collected. Because reCAPTCHA is a Google product, I believe it may be Google's responsibility to follow this law where their product is offered. Especially considering it is Google's privacy policy and terms that it's linking to, not our web sites' or Squarespace's. From understanding this, it becomes pretty easy to imagine that Google is requiring Squarespace to display this text (and exactly this text) wherever reCAPTCHA is used, or Google will disallow Squarespace from using or providing the reCAPTCHA product. So the message that "we had no choice, we had to add this text" makes perfect sense. OR, if the responsibility falls to Squarespace, then they just may want to cover their butts on the privacy law front. GDPR is getting quite serious with enforcement now that it's been out for a few years (since May 2018), and the penalties are quite steep for noncompliance. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you feel about privacy laws), I see this becoming an even more prevalent "skin" on the internet. It is not enough to put this information on some other page somewhere, or hidden away somewhere else. It must be plain and clear wherever the user's data is being collected. The user has a right to know exactly when and where their data is being collected, and how it's going to be used. That is the basic logic behind GDPR (and other privacy legislation). And of course for my own disclaimer - I am not a lawyer, this is just how I've come to understand the law and how it impacts websites. It would be nice if there was at least styling options, or even translation options, as that is what lead me to this thread. Because it's quite ironic that by law, the notification of data collection MUST exist, but you cannot translate the text so that your users can actually use it? I think the clarification on if your policies, etc., need to be translated is still quite fuzzy. We'll have to wait and see how the law continues to be interpreted in the courts. Hope this at least brings some clarification to the possible motivation behind this strong-armed text addition. ✨ Hooray international privacy law ✨
  2. I don't know how to remove the pop-up, but this isn't an advertisement. Rather it's the way that the reCAPTCHA service displays their privacy policy and terms and conditions to your site users, which they are required to do by GDPR law. It also can't be anywhere hidden, it must be clear and obvious for the visitor precisely where the data is being collected (so not on another page for example). Since your site is using reCAPTCHA, their privacy policy and terms and conditions must be displayed because reCAPTCHA is collecting data from your website users, so they are beholden to the responsibility to display their disclaimers to be a GDPR compliant tool. It would be nice if there were some display options we could choose from, but that's some of the reasoning at least.
  3. I can edit it Edit Mode, but when I'm just in my back-end navigation, as soon as the loop happens, Squarespace enters Edit Mode. I recorded this video to show what's happening: https://www.loom.com/share/0bd095c2009143a6bece11dc3157e81f The only clicking I'm doing is hitting done to exit Edit Mode, and it goes right back in after a few seconds when the carousel loops. I don't have any other jQuerys installed on the site. It makes it basically impossible to do any navigating through the menus when logged in while the home page is in the Preview Window because it closes the menu and enters Edit Mode every 6 seconds 😆
  4. Installed this today, and it works! It also auto-loops! Buuuuut while logged into the site, as soon as the first loop happens, it forces me into Edit mode..... Anyone have any idea what might be happening to cause that? It otherwise looks and works perfect!
  5. Site URL: https://www.rime-allaf.com Hello! Currently not able to click the pencil icon on existing video blocks when placed "inside text" so that the text wraps around the block. I can pull the block "out" of the text and place it above or below the text block, and it seems to resolve the issue. But after I reposition the video block "inside" the text block again, I can no longer click the pencil or trash icon. The mouse does not change to a finger pointer, and nothing happens when I try to click the icons. This is an example of the orientation when I cannot click the pencil or trash can. My mouse remains a standard pointer on hover, and does not change to a finger pointer. And this is after pulling the block "out" of the text. Functionality of the block buttons return. Any idea what might be happening? Is this a known bug? Did a little searching in the forum before posting, but didn't see anything immediately. Apologies if I missed it!
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