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  1. I like the site! There are two things that stand out to me: The font used in the header as well as headings throughout the site is a little hard to read. I would make the footer of the site a different color than white. White on white is a little tough on the eyes. Hope it helps.
  2. I am building a long page with navigation built on anchor tags (SquareSpace 7.1). However, if you scroll on the site it doesn't update the URL slugs to be the correct anchor tag. The problem is: if you click on a link in the header "x" it will scroll to the correct portion of the site. However, if you click on "x" again, it won't do anything because the site believes you are already on that page. Ideally, there is a solution that updates the URL slug as you scroll however, I cannot find it. Thank you!
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