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    tennet reacted to derricksrandomviews in 40 items limit for portfolio (SS 7.1)?   
    Your original site will stay just the way it is until you decide to cancel it. You will have to activate the new one at the end of two weeks if you wish to keep it, and you can have both going at the same time, and then move the domain to the new one when ready. This is a very common thing even when moving from one 7.0 to another 7.0 template. They can be so different from each other that using the copy/switch template option is not the best way to go. I use Avenue and if moving to Brine or many other 7.0 templates, new trial and rebuild would be my way of making the move. 
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    tennet reacted to derricksrandomviews in 40 items limit for portfolio (SS 7.1)?   
    You can use the same log-in account yes. As far as 7.0 or 7.1. All my sites are presently 7.0 but I do have a 7.1 lab testing site which I use to help answer folks here. I use 7.0 for personal use, and there are some functions I would miss if moving to 7.1 like gallery pages, summary pages that pull content from sources other than just blogs etc. 7.1 will do what you asked, both platforms have the ability to make pages with images that link to other projects. 7.0 index pages are very easy to manage I think but your solution using Portfolio pages is good too.  Best thing you can do is experiment. That is one of reasons I choose to use Squarspace, the opportunity to try it out as opposed to getting a free site when purchasing a domain like some other hosting companies offer. 
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    tennet reacted to derricksrandomviews in 40 items limit for portfolio (SS 7.1)?   
    It isn't possible to click and move a site from 7.1 to 7.0 or the other way around but you can still go back to 7.0 if you wish. You would start a new trial using 7.0, build your site, when ready activate it move your domain and cancel the 7.1 site. You will receive an immediate credit for any time left on your 7.1 billing period. There is no quicker way to do it. 
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    tennet reacted to AlecEiffel in 7.1 portfolio mobile overlay text doesnt show on scroll or hover   
    I ran into this frustrating roadblock today. As this post was one of the first search results I found I'm posting my solution here.
    /*Portfolio Overlay Grid*/ .portfolio-text:hover { opacity: 1 !important; background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7); } This has worked for me to get the hover overlay effect on mobile and tablets. The background overly is 70% white, you can edit as you like.
    I've ended up setting this from desktop screen size down to make sure it also works on iPad Pro's (I don't have one to check).
    I hope this is helpful for someone. 
    Really disappointed that Squarespace doesn't have this sorted yet.
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