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  1. Site URL: https://www.goodmonday.se/en/blog Hi, Is there a way to have the blog thumbnails to zoom and show an overlay on hover (for example a white or black overlay in opacity)? I'd like the blog thumbnails to behave the same way as the gallery thumbnails does on the below test page (using code from this forums)? https://www.goodmonday.se/en/blog The first section on this page uses a "gallery masonry grid" and the section below uses a "Summary" that lists my blog page. Many thanks!
  2. Thanks again! But if I choose to start a trial using 7.0, will my existing 7.1 website be deleted then? Or can I have the 7.0 on trial and once I feel it is ready, then I do the switch?
  3. Thank you! So then it is possible to switch to 7.0, if I really need to.. Can I start a new trial using my same login details as I'm using now for 7.1 (google etc.) or do I need to create a completely new account? For my needs (mostly a portfolio gallery with links to project details).. do you think I would get a better work-flow and features using Squarespace 7.0 vs 7.1?
  4. OK thanks! Is there any upper limit on number of images that I can add to the gallery page section "Grid:Masonry"? Is it possible to add a hover overlay effect to images in a "Gallery Grid:Masonry" (like on the portfolio pages)? I may have found a work-around for my "40 images limit problem". First I create any number of 'Portfolio pages' that I need and fill them with my projects (max 40 items per portfolio). Then I move all my 'Portfolio pages' to "NOT LINKED", so they are hidden from the menu. I then create a new empty page that I add to the navigation bar (named "Work test", see link below). I then add a 'Gallery page section' to the "Work test" page (using Grid:Masonry). Now I upload all my thumbnails to this gallery section, as many thumbs as the gallery section allows (I can also add multiple Gallery sections below each other on this page, if needed) Now I can manually link each thumbnail to its corresponding project URL in the portfolios (that are hidden from the menu). It actually seems to work pretty good when testing.. Are there any easier work-arounds (if I just want one single portfolio page showing all my work)? And are there any pitfalls doing it this way, except for the extra work linking the thumbsnails to all the portfolio URLs? See my test here (I have just duplicated the Gallery section to see how it looks) — https://elk-robin-3ckg.squarespace.com/
  5. Thanks! Yes, this seems to be my only option, but I'd prefered to have a single portfolio that could grow over time. Was this any different in Squarespace 7.0? Could I build bigger "grid portfolios" there? Is it possible to change theme and go back to an older Squarespace 7.0 theme now?
  6. Thanks! Here is my temporary URL https://elk-robin-3ckg.squarespace.com/en/work/lg-quadhd-cgi. Can I use a Custom CSS that changes this to all Portfolio Projects at once or do I need to change this on all projects individually?
  7. Site URL: https://elk-robin-3ckg.squarespace.com/ Hi, Is there any way to increase the number of portfolio items that can be added to my Squarespace 7.1 website? I am a 3D/retouch artist and I would like one massive "work portfolio" to show my many years of experience and wide variety of projects. I never thought there would be an 'upper limit' for my gallery when buying the Squarespace subscription.. Part of the fun having my own personal portfolio website, compared to using Behance and Instagram and such, is that I can add new projects and write about them as I like, see the portfolio grow and move projects around for best exposure etc.. If Squarespace has a limit of 40 projects for my portfolio, then this was a 'big miss' for me.. but hoping there is some solution for this?
  8. I have the same question. Can this be done using Custom CSS?
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