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  1. Site URL: https://laurencohenyoga.com/ A friend asked for a quick fix with her navigation menu. I found a workaround but I'd like to find the actual solution. For some reason in the navigation menu, the 'connect' button adds an event to itself that fires the promotional marketing popup on click. I cannot figure out why this event is being attached. If you open up dev tools you'll notice my solution was to add 2 links (1 link, 1 cover page): 1 that links to the connect page (desired behavior) and 1 that links to the popup (undesired behavior, so I set the name to ' ' so it's mostly invisible). It seems I have to include both of these or the link falls back to opening the popup - even though I explicitly set it's href to /connect. So it seems like if there is only 1 'connect' in the nav it defaults to attaching the event/opening the popup no matter what I try - regardless of whether the 1 link is a link or a cover page type. I have looked through all the pages and the marketing section and cannot find anything that sets 'connect' to open the popup. Is there a setting I'm missing? The connect page is a "cover page" instead of a standard page but again couldn't find anything triggering special behavior. I am so perplexed. The event being added: function(e) { a.fire(v.getEvent(e, t, i || !1 === r)) } Thank you
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