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  1. That did it! Thanks very much @derricksrandomviews!
  2. That's great, thank you @derricksrandomviews! So once I get the code, how do I put that on my page instead of the image? I tried inserting the code with a code block but wasn't successful.
  3. I'd like to have the image below contain multiple links, each of which would take you to different pages depending where you click. Is there an easy way to do this in Squarespace? Perhaps with a plugin? Or would it require adjusting the code? I saw a similar question in the forum, but that was for a navigation bar made up of box-shaped images lined up in a row. This is more complicated because the links would be in areas of the image that don't line up as a grid (one on each animal and plant), so I can't just cut the image up into uniform boxes. Any advice would be appreciated
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