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  1. I am trying to add an 'add to cart' button to a summary block showing products. I have implemented @bradgood's code on my main commerce page (thanks!) but I would like to also have add to cart buttons on the pages where I show a summary of products based on tags. Does anyone have any suggestions? An example website is here: www.tendrevolution.com/limden-brook-organic
  2. Site URL: https://the-farmers-market.squarespace.com/the-market Hi, I am trying to split my store page to show each category separately and then have an anchor to link to the section on the page, rather than the default category header. The current default store layout is: Cat-A:prod-A Cat-A:prod-B Cat-B:prod-A I want it to start category B on a new line with a heading I can anchor to, i.e; Category A Cat-A:prod-A Cat-A:prod-B Category B Cat-B:prod-A You could do this with summary sections but they don't quite give what I want and t
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