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  1. Can anyone help? My Google site speed is slow and the recommended changes are out of my area of expertise.
  2. I have the same issue. Anyone know how we can better optimize for site speed? I'm getting the "remove unused Javascript" and other issues as well. thank you
  3. Hi Would like date hidden from pages like this: https://www.the80sgirls.com/80s-girl-blog Would like tag/categories hidden from pages like this: https://www.the80sgirls.com/80s-girl-blog/80sgirlinamillennialworld Thank you!
  4. This didn't work for me. I am looking to remove the date from the blog post preview.
  5. @tuanphan the header being responsive fixed itself when I played around with section height and content width. I have other sizing questions but I'll search the forum for those. Thank you!
  6. For one of my SS sites the images are naturally responsive for mobile, 7.0 site, I didn't add any special code. My newest site (and not live yet, so no URL) isn't responsive. I added the code that you've posted and it worked! And then created these big spaces. I saw someone else had that problem and you responded, looked like you gave them custom code for their site, so I wouldn't be able to copy and paste. Any suggestions since not live yet? thank you
  7. Following as I also would like to know how to format for mobile!
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