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  1. Site URL: https://perfectingproperty.co.uk Hi please can you advise how to add scroll tags(?) at 20 or 25% increments, so I have a record in my analytics of how far people are looking on whichever landing page they're directed to? password is George version 7.1 Many Thanks - Lucy
  2. I was confused and asked the wrong question, I have asked it as another question, please don't respond to this one. Thank you
  3. Site URL: https://perfectingproperty.co.uk Hi, Sorry, I asked the wrong question before, the confirmation comes from scheduling@squarespacescheduling and I want it to come from info@perfectingproperty, how can I do this please? Can I change a setting or buy an upgrade? Also how do I remove my personal email from being CCd in and change it to a BCC? Online it says not to change my account email to my g suite email in case I get locked out, as will be locked out of both. Would setting up account recovery not work? Many Thanks, Lucy Password is George version 7.1
  4. Site URL: http://perfectingproperty.co.uk Hi, My confirmation emails are being sent to clients from my gmail address domain@gmail.com (that I registered on squarespace with) but I would like them to come from my G Suite email address info@domain.co.uk (that I have signed up to through squarespace, after registering). Please can you advise how I can swap them over? It looks really unprofessional coming from a gmail account and may make clients worry about providing their data... I have had a look but can't see a way to change it under scheduling and email settings, and I'm not reall
  5. Site URL: http://perfectingproperty.co.uk Hi, Please can you advise what the injection code is, to remove just the footer from just my subscribe/sign up page? I'm not sure which template I initially selected, it just says 7.1 in my help section, hopefully this is enough info? perfectingproperty.co.uk password: George TIA, Lucy
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