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  1. Site URL: https://wombat-buttercup-7nmx.squarespace.com/ Could you please guide me what css code I can change the font in the description of photos in gallery session. Thank you so much
  2. Site URL: https://www.narabura.co/ I want to change my website's header (in the red circle) I've already done with the code with h1 h2 h3 , but the header still not change. Now my css code is like this I'd like to change to font 'BogueMed' according to my recent css code. Thank you so much and appreciate your help in advance. :))
  3. That's work very well ! Thank you so much for your help, tuanphan :)) However, I still can not modify the font of excerpt and 'read more' in the blog. For example, in this link https://www.takeoffbkk.com/eats Appreciate your help ;))
  4. It's work !!! Thank you so much for your help ! for the line-height , could it be more narrow than 0.0em ? I can't do like -1.0em, is there any another way ? Furthermore, about the blog How can I modify the meta of categories and "read more" font Thank you so much
  5. Site URL: https://lynx-whale-ladf.squarespace.com/ Dear all, Please help me solve this issue after trying to search in google and this forum. 1. How to modify the font of excerpt in the blog ? I want the line spacing more narrow and smaller. Also the categories , I want to change the font to what I have is CSS already. 2. How to modify the font of title in the blog with CSS Code in the part of summary ? I want it to be the font same as the excerpt and the line space more narrow. Also the categories , I want to change the font to what I have is CSS a
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