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  1. Site URL: https://www.dgctraining.co.nz/certified-handlers-online-training Hi, Is there a way to change the "add to cart" button ? It's really ugly.. It doesn't look like a button.
  2. Should be good now but try this link instead: https://tambourine-springtail-ygx9.squarespace.com/training/lpg-training
  3. Site URL: https://tambourine-springtail-ygx9.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css Hi, I'd like to change the font of my product title. I tried this " .tweak-product-item-details-show-title .ProductItem-details h1.ProductItem-details-title { font-family: 'Exo2'; } " but it doesn't work. Any other idea?
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