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  1. Is there a way to inject code to shrink a section height like is above this banner? Thanks
  2. If there is no blank section in between my banner and the Home, products etc. menu then when an image is uploaded as a banner it is not centered. Adding a blank space in between makes the image format to fill the page correctly. The blank section seems to be required for the banner to function properly. Is there a way to make this section a few pixels high?
  3. Site URL: https://www.octaneworkholding.com/ I have added a blank text block above the banner image on my homepage because without the blank space any images are displaced. The attached screenshot demonstrates this. Is there a way to minimize the blank space block above this banner?
  4. I tried this, it does not change anything? Thanks
  5. I think it is wise for me to simply hope for an update in the future, that allows Folders to be clickable like most websites. The site is now published https://www.octaneworkholding.com/index.html , but on mobile view the gallery on the homepage has a lot of white space above and below. Is there a way to reduce this? The SSL security also is working right yet, it is pointing to my domain.
  6. Hi thanks for replying, my site is not currently published yet. Here is a code injection I did to make a products folder a clickable link. <script> (function() {window.addEventListener("load",function(){ var tours = document.querySelector('[href="/products-folder"]'); tours.addEventListener("click",function(){ window.location="/products"; }); })} )(); </script> It is working for desktop view, but not mobile view. On desktop view it makes the screen flash twice like the page has reloaded as well though. Any idea
  7. Hi, Most sites allow the creation of a Main page that is a clickable link to all dropdown sub pages. Example Products-clickable link that takes you to every page listed below as a grid display of all products. product-A dropdown menu, clicking this takes you to product A product-B dropdown menu, clicking this takes you to product B product-C dropdown menu, clicking this takes you to product C Is there a way to do this on squarespace? I see you can make folders with a dropdown menu, but then the folder itself is not clickable... Thanks
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