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  1. I figure it out. It was due to 'content inset' option. Thanks for trying to assist me
  2. Here is a little video clip. Hopefully it will make it clear TOAST PHOTOGRAPHY - Google Chrome 2020-08-06 10-02-50.mp4
  3. Hi, Any block really. But specifically a text and quote block in this case. I am using Sonora. In the pic attached i just created a text box. I am unable to change the size of the block, therefore instead of the writing going across the width of the page, it is confined to the small block area. Hope that makes sense. Thanks
  4. Normally you can simply resize blocks but hovering over the edge of a block until the cursor changes and you simply drag it. However, for some reason i do not have that option! I used to be able to but not now. Can anyone please assist?
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