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  1. Thank you, your option is very organized. Will try and find out how to create the dropdown menu you used for your categories, that's a good idea too!
  2. Hello, hope someone can help here! Cannot find the answer anywhere. Is is possible to hide certain, selected posts (for instance with a specific tag) from the blog grid? In my overview, there is one group of posts that I don't want to see in the overview/grid. Now it shows all posts, but I want to remove a certain group. Thank you!
  3. To be more clear: I created new content with my own photos, deleted all the demo blog posts, but still see the demo on my homepage, not my created content. See screenshot.
  4. Thank you. When I do that, I still see the demo content, not my own content. I see, for example, an example blog post, not a post I created myself...
  5. Please bear with me... I am new to Squarespace. ☺️ De designed a first website based on the Brine 7.0 family (Rally). I deleted the sample blog posts and added a few test posts. But on the main screen (where is says Pages, Design, Commerce etc.) I still see the original demo posts and images. My question is: how can I preview the site I designed with my own input like images? I want to preview before going 'live'. The little arrow in the upper left corner doesn't help: still show me the demo content. Thank you!
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