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  1. my site is now live www.emmawrightphotography.com so you can have a look. Thanks so much
  2. my page is still not live so I don't know if you will see it? I have added 2 screen shots. The first is the desktop view, with hover on first image. The text shows up but no background opacity, just text on the image. This is ok on the dark image but more difficult to see on the pale images. Below is the mobile view. The text fills the whole box so I wan to resize smaller for a mobile version. The click through doesn't work because the text fills so much of the box. Any help to reduce the size of the text in the mobile view would be amazing. Thank you
  3. hi I have added this code to my gallery but the background opacity does not show so text is hard to read. also on mobile view the caption fits the whole image, can this be resized smaller? Thanks so much
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