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  1. On 7/21/2020 at 11:03 AM, derricksrandomviews said:

    Add this to custom Css:

    .page-open #projectPages .project-controls {
      display: none;

    Thank you for your help!

    Lastly, do you know the answer to my question of why "http://www.briantong.ca/#/stockandsupply/" have the index section and "http://www.briantong.ca/stockandsupply/" does not have the index section? How would I be able to share that specific project without the # yet still have the index at the bottom of the page?

    Thank you!

  2. Site URL: http://www.briantong.ca/#/stockandsupply/

    Hi everybody,

    I am trying to remove the "back to..." and "prev/next" buttons on the index section at the bottom of a project page. Screenshot attached but currently they are sticking to the top of the first projects in the index section, which I do not want. The site is on the Avenue template.

    Increasing the "Page Padding" value does work to a degree, but I don't want the extra page padding to be added to everywhere else.

    I am open to adding some padding underneath the buttons too if cannot be removed and would rather just remove them.

    I am not familiar with code, so unsure as to even where to add it if there are lines of code applicable to this situation.

    Thank you all for your time and help in advance!

    Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 9.48.52 AM.png


    Also, on a side note, why does "http://www.briantong.ca/#/stockandsupply/" have the index section and "http://www.briantong.ca/stockandsupply/" does not have the index section? It would be great to not have to include the extra # in between. Thanks!

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