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  1. funny that its 4 years later and the ability to edit different screen sizes still doesn't exist. I believe wordpress has the ability to edit different screen views (for anybody that doesn't know how to fix this with JS and CSS). I thought the whole point of wysiwygs was to make this fast and simple? And why has the scam comment that links you to remote desktop not been removed?? is this normal on squarespace forums? Really disliking squarespace more and more each day. I'm def going to try and convince my clients to use something else for now on -_-
  2. So after you include the @import in the header go back to your custom css and add "!important" to where you want the font to be. Example: h1 { font-family: 'fontname' !important; } It overrides any other styling that prevents your custom style from working. Not the best fix best fix but the only thing I could get to work so far.
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