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  1. Hi tuanphan! The site is still under construction (updating from 7.0 to 7.1) but here's the info: url: https://daffodil-lizard-tb7t.squarespace.com/testsearch pw: PAMttJt8Y3RZ The page is called ~TestSearch. Many thanks!
  2. Hello! I'm working on a page where the main content is custom html + css + java. The code generates a magnifying glass search button that becomes a dropdown list (highlighted in green below). The script works in an external editor I've used to debug, but when I insert into Squarespace it's messing up the shopping cart in the header (red highlight). Is there a way to override these changes to the shopping cart in the header with something like: ".cart-button <some command> !important"? Or is there a bug in my code I'm not noticing? Code is also below. Any suggestions are we
  3. Hello! I am using html and custom css to create a product grid layout, mostly taken from here (demo #2). Each product includes an add to cart button, but I can't figure how to trigger the action to actually add the item to the cart. My code currently just redirects the user to the cart without adding the item. I've pasted the HTML and CSS code below. The red text portion seems to be where I need to make edits, but I haven't been able to get it to work. (The alphanumeric ID is the Product ID generated by Squarespace.) I've also tried to include "&quantity=1" to the href, but same
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