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  1. Hi if you use a Code Block I've done it for a Volvo job where they wanted to block our FAQ https://partnerships.autotrader.co.uk/care-by-volvo <link rel=“canonical” href=“https://www.volvocars.com/uk/care-by-volvo/faq” /> This just tells spiders/robots where point of truth came from to block you should use meta name in the Page Settings / Advanced - PAGE HEADER CODE INJECTION - but this will block all SEO from the page and you may as well switch this off in the Squarespace settings: <meta name=“robots” content=“noindex, nofollow”>
  2. This is a good fix https://blog.alexgittings.com/disable-parallax-on-one-squarespace-page/ While designing a website recently I needed to disable the parallax feature on one page. As I still wanted it to function on other pages. To do this you will need to inject a script into the page. Navigate to the page cog and select advanced and enter the following: <script> Static.SQUARESPACE_CONTEXT.tweakJSON["tweak-overlay-parallax-enabled"] = false; </script> ALEX GITTINGS 30 NOV 2017
  3. This is brilliant 🙂 but when I add it into a banner header it seems to be forced black regardless of hex or colour you write in the code is there a fix for this? The template seems to force it to remain black? For example - http://partnerships.autotrader.co.uk/hyundai-e-suv
  4. I just used a Gallery block which the Client was happy with.
  5. Hi All I'm having some problems finding the right code for this as well - baffled me for a few days now. I have a few hubs running, and having 2 column on images would really help reduce page hight on Mob https://www.autotraderdiscover.co.uk/ds7-crossback
  6. Hi - Yes its working fine now. Had to do a restart of the old Mac 😄 Had to switch back to images for sign off meeting today... but will reflow tonight.
  7. Hi Tuan Try that and still not working. I even tried a few different, yui id numbers.
  8. Sorry Tuan, I had to change them for images, had a meeting with Client and I didn't want them to see the rich text/default text over the images.... i've replaced them back to as they where 🙂 https://www.autotrader-promotion.co.uk/bentley
  9. Hi All I'm seeing the same problem - currently doing a job with Bentley - a small lead gen landing page, to run for 2 months - I'm using Brine 7.1 and adding the code] - looks fine when editing but the live site, its not working https://www.autotrader-promotion.co.uk/bentley .sqs-block-image .design-layout-poster .image-subtitle-wrapper { padding-top: 35px; }
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