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  1. Site URL: https://www.meetra-germany.com/ Hi, I would like to create a pop-up or announcement that will only be displayed to visitors who landed on my site because of a redirect and originally clicked on another URL that redirects to my website. Squarespace popups do not allow this option. Do you have any suggestions for a smart workaround or a good widget tool that takes into account the visitor's source? This is part of a rebranding so there will be a whole sitemap with the original URLs that will redirect to the new domain. Thanks in advance, Jana
  2. Hi, is it also possible to change the order confirmation for particular products only? I would like to add text with a link for only one product whereas all the other products should have the general order confirmation page.
  3. Site URL: https://www.meetra-germany.com/jobs Hi, I have a page with a blog summary which displays titles (directed to external URL), categories and the date of each post. When clicking on the categories or date, users are automatically directed to a search for this date or category. I would like the user to be directed to the same link as the one the title is linked to. Is that possible? The other option would be to remove the links instead of redirecting. Big thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I've already taken a look at the Elfsight job board plug in and messaged you but haven't received a reply so far. I was wondering if there is an option to change the titles to categories and also the text of the buttons displayed on the elfsight job board plugin. Also, I could not find an option to let people filter the results.
  5. The plugin worked like a charm. However, it's somehow showing all my blog items twice e.g. it shows 64 blog items instead of 32. Has anyone encountered this and knows how to solve it?
  6. Hi guys, I need to build a job board on my squarespace site which advertises jobs from external sites. It's basically a list of links which should be filterable by pre-defined tags and categories. I would like to display it in a similar style like the blog post summaries. Main requirements: - Option to add individual categories and tags - Redirect to an external page link when people click on the ad - Option to filter the job ads - No item limit -> I tried using the squarespace blog and the universal filter to build a workaround but it has a 30 items limit and it's also a lot of effort to administrate. I've also checked out the job board plug in by elfsight but unfortunately it doesn't have a filter option and does not allow me to change the button text or category names. Do you have a suggestion for a good plug in that I could use?
  7. Hi everyone, I have managed to make folder links clickable in my desktop navigation bar but am struggling with the mobile view just like so many others. I have understood that folder links cannot be clickable in the mobile nav bar. Do you have any idea for a workaround? My site URL: https://meetra.squarespace.com/ @tuanphan: Would it for instance be possible to add a menu item in a particular folder in the mobile navigation bar and hide this item when in desktop view? On my page this would mean that after clicking on the folder "Professionals" the first menu item would be sth. like "Overview" and when clicking on it the user would be directed to the page https://meetra.squarespace.com/career (the same page which opens when clicking on the folder in desktop view). I have used the following code to make my folder clickable in desktop view: <script> (function() {window.addEventListener("load", function () { var tours = document.querySelector('[href="/career-all"]'); tours.addEventListener("click", function () { window.location = "https://meetra.squarespace.com/career"; }); })} )(); Big thanks in advance! This forum has been really helpful so far.
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