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  1. Thanks @paul2009. Settled for dragging the pages out of the Member area into Unlinked pages, and explaining they'd be behind a Sign-in page. Trial site is password-protected anyhoo. On this, wondering if Squarespace Member area supports non-password access, ie provide email address and tick declaration box, once. Content doesn't rate that much security and audience won't appreciate the extra password.
  2. Putting together a website – still in trial – with a member area. Previewing the site via its Squarespace development URL and clicking the link to the membership area takes my client to to a Join/Sign in page. Clicking either of those pops up a box: MEMBERSHIPS IS CLOSED Memberships for this site is closed. Contact the site owner for access. DISMISS Is there any way for the client to preview the membership pages via the development URL?
  3. Thanks @marcel.weisheit And for headings? Replacing p strong with h strong didn't seem to work
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