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  1. Hi @creedon thanks so much for the response, and apologies for my delay here! I turned off notifications for some reason. It works, but can you please let me know how to add the CSS now? Or where? I'd like this to match the other image captions throughout the site which = Futura-pt, 1.1 rem/17.6px, italic. Thanks again!
  2. @tuanphansorry to keep bugging you here, but we're waiting on solution or might have to update the design entirely. Would really appreciate your update asap even if it's to say it's not possible, thanks.
  3. is there anything we can do here @tuanphan? Should I be asking someone else? Thanks.
  4. Hey @tuanphanthanks for the reply, but I want to be able to add different captions to ALL card images which appear in many different pages/places throughout the site (homepage, portfolio pages). This code only applies to the one image, and we definitely don't want to have to add code for every single image - there are dozens. Is this possible?
  5. @tuanphan I'd really appreciate your help here asap if possible. I'm stuck! Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi @tuanphan Yes, I would still love some help here. Website is penderpr.com, and I am looking to add captions to the CARD image block. Thanks.
  7. Hi, just wondering if there is a solution here. Thanks in advance. cc @tuanphan
  8. Hi @tuanphan I found this topic and have the same questions. Site is penderpr.com. Can you help please? Thanks!
  9. Thanks, @tuanphan but for some reason it's not reflecting the black text. Here's my code: <style> header#header a.btn { background: white; color: black; } </style> ...but here's the header. I tried with red, green, etc but nothing seems to fix the button text.
  10. Hi @tuanphanhappy New Year to you! I have figured out a workaround of transparent global setting, then CSS for a black header on specific pages (work, about, press). However, could you help me with code to make the header buttons white w/black text on these pages? Or if you have a better suggestion overall, please let me know. Thanks!
  11. Hi, sorry, I have just made the header transparent across the whole site for now so I can keep working on it. But I will leave it as black or white if that helps you look into the issue. Thanks.
  12. Hello, there are a lot of posts about this already so don't want to create a new one, but wondering if something has changed that would affect this code working now? Site is https://bumblebee-chartreuse-kmxn.squarespace.com/ pw rprednep I'm on 7.1 and have tried both the homepage advanced page setting header code and the custom CSS code. The header stays white w/black text; I also tried changing the colour to black w/white text then adding the code but nothing happens - the header does not go transparent. Any help is much appreciated. tagging @tuanphan 🙏
  13. Hi, can you first tell me if it's possible to show the images from tweets instead of just a link? If it's not, then my client will remove the Twitter feed entirely so I won't want to spend time trying to connect ./support. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I'm saying that I have it set to show 3 tweets and it shows 3 when I'm in edit mode, but on the "live" site or when I toggle out of edit mode it sometimes only shows one. And alignment is all messed up. AND I want to be able to show images in tweets instead of just a link. Hope that clears it all up. Thanks.
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