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  1. Thanks for that! I was over thinking that one.
  2. Hi all, I have a problem with my saved sections in 7.1 not loading to the page when I select them. I select a saved section to add to a page but then it does not load. I see no Save option or add option after ticking the section I want to load, but there is a delete option. Has anyone had this issue? AM I missing something
  3. Hello brains, I can' figure out why I can't change a button colour as I want it. I want to use the dark red from my pallet for a background colour with a white text when stationary. It's on a grey background, which is a shape set to cover the section (mimicking a section). I have it set to tertiary button and you can see the colour settings my screenshot. Any help appreciated, thank you. https://fennel-snail-3r8y.squarespace.com/about pw: Callan
  4. Hey @pentool I've tried your method but I get a line from the section background between the shape I add as a fake section and the following section. See screenshot . . . how do I avoid that? Thanks!
  5. aha! that makes sense now, thank you for pointing it out. I had assumed the tiles broke across two different grid lines. I think there will be a bit of trial and error involved in getting the image size and block right so that it stays the same size when rows/columns stretch. Or, do you have a ready formula for working that out? Thanks for your help!
  6. Of course here it is: https://www.hardcorehumanperformance.com.au/coaching-mentoring-leadership-performance I had aded the link when posting to the forum, but it is then not shared in the published post . . .
  7. Hi all, I have an issue where not all identical images on a page are responding the same to different screen sizes. I am using a series of circle designs on this website and all images are identical size and shape from the same image file. But some of those images render at a larger sizes than the others in mid-sized screens such as 13-15inch laptops. I want the smaller image size to render. See the screenshot example. The images are all in the same section on a 7.1 site, so grid settings are the same for all images. Any ideas as to why this is happening?
  8. If I log into edit this page in the screenshot, the element fields (the blue boxes around elements that show they are live to edit) immediately reshape themselves getting two or three times bigger than the content in them. That is why I believe it's a bug.
  9. I need the spacing to be uniform between heading and text elements. Using the grid, that would be one spave between heading and text, and two spaces between end of a paragraph and the heading below it. It will depend what size screen you have looked at it on as to what the spacing looks like. Here is another example of the 27 inch screen version:
  10. Of course, my bad: https://www.hardcorehumanperformance.com.au/coaching-mentoring-leadership-performance This is the page driving me nuts.
  11. Hi all, I am having a frustrating problem trying to get uniform spacing between text elements on a page in a 7.1 site. I started from a plain page, no template. When I align headings and text on pages to suit a large iMac (27inch), it messes up the spacing in other sizes such as a 15 and 14 inch laptop/notebooks. This type of editing doesn't seem to affect the text spacing on mobile screen sizes. I've edited the same page 10 times on different sized screens trying to get it right. As soon as it's right on the large screen, the laptop/notebook is no good and vice versa! Please help! See attached example of how it looks on the 27 inch screen when I get it right on the 15inch.
  12. Yes, those images are correct. I need the gradient to go from top to bottom of the section and header.
  13. Thank you, that had an effect but the gradient still does not go all the way from top to bottom of the page section. There is still a border top and bottom of the section that is only one shade of dark red.
  14. It's: https://rhubarb-plum-w4g9.squarespace.com/ p/w: Callan
  15. Correction. The CSS for a gradient on just the first section of the home page is: <style>.fe-64bb3cc5c329b51a58554d1f {background-image: linear-gradient(to right top, #620e0e, #80191a, #9f2526, #c03132, #e23d40);}</style>
  16. I want to create a background gradient from bottom of the first section on a page through the header. I can get a gradient through the first section using: <style> .fluid-engine { background-image: linear-gradient(to right top, #620e0e, #80191a, #9f2526, #c03132, #e23d40); } </style> but this stops at the header. How can I get a consistent gradient from bottom left of the first section through to top right of the header? Password for my site is: Callan
  17. This was just what I was looking for, thank you! Does anyone know how I could add an uppercase MENU label above the hamburger?! Cheers,
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