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  1. Hi all, my client is interested in creating a function in their members site where members can chat to each other in a continuous thread. The website publishes course content and members would be invited to chat one another about the course throughout in a space on the course introduction page. I thought plugging in a community/employee engagement app like Slack so its interface is embedded on that intro page might be possible. Has anyone tried or succeeded at this? Anyone have any ideas or guidance? https://pigeon-flatworm-tkrl.squarespace.com/ Many thanks!
  2. Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I deleted those lines but it hasn't fixed any of the issues. They originated from some CSS I used to change the colour of the course intro page tiles, as the inbuilt style sheet editor (colour palettes) wasn't working. But the colour palette is now working so I can delete that CSS without issue. But things such as the mobile header should still work, presumably, and are not.
  3. Hi Square Brains! I have a bit of an issue . . . all of my CSS code has stopped working for a client's site and I don't know why. The only clue I have is that the Squarespace CSS field is telling me a '{' is missing but I can't find where. I have duplicated the site to do some testing. You can access with the password: HELPneeded Here: https://carnation-reindeer-g4g9.squarespace.com/ Some examples of what is broken are: I've been using this CSS for a background header colour (white) with 60% opacity on mobile: /*mobile header*/ @media only screen and (max-width: 767px){ body#collection-652f8e9dea52a52756969ded header#header { background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6) !important; } } You can see this is not working at my test site here: https://carnation-reindeer-g4g9.squarespace.com/ And this code to create flip cards using the old Squarspace version image posters: /* Inside the Square Flip effect on poster images*/ .design-layout-poster img{ transition: 1s} .design-layout-poster:hover img{transform: rotateY(180deg); transition: 1s} .image-card-wrapper{transform:rotateY(180deg)!important; opacity:0; transition: 1s;} .design-layout-poster:hover .image-card-wrapper {opacity:1!important; transform:rotateY(0deg)!important; background: #282D30; transition: 1s;} /* Inside the Square Flip effect on poser images*/ /*Course list colour issue*/ [data-section-id="6576c31ac1a71b16fb46c67c"] .course-list__grid-item.course-list__grid-course-item { --course-list-grid-layout-course-item-text-color: #ffffff; --course-list-grid-layout-course-item-background-color: #232323; } /* for subtle hover animation */ [data-section-id="6576c31ac1a71b16fb46c67c"] .course-list__grid-item.course-list__grid-course-item:hover { --course-list-grid-layout-course-item-hover-background-color: #c3876a; --course-list-grid-layout-course-item-text-color: #000000; } transition-property: background-color, color; transition-duration: 300ms; transition-timing-function: ease; transition-delay: 0; transition-behavior: initial; You can see this is not working in this course module: https://carnation-reindeer-g4g9.squarespace.com/next-gen/workshop-2-imposter-syndrome-lc2cy The full CSS sheet is attached for reference. All of this was working fine a couple of weeks ago but none is now. Also attached are some screenshots of some broken elements. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi @Bilash, this CSS code you helped me with has stopped working and I can't figure out why . . . wondering if you have any insights why that might have happened? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you! My CSS was a little off, I was using: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1709022622203_38394 .accordion-item__description { text-color: #fffff !important;
  6. Hi brains trust, I have tried changing the colour profile of an accordion in one of my courses but it keeps reverting back to original settings for some reason. Could someone assist please with correct CSS to change accordion description text to white (on my brown background). It's behind a paywall so attached is a screenshot of IDs and my attempted CSS. The site is: https://www.firstpeoplesleading.com.au/
  7. In a twist to this, somehow the button has changed to read Next Lesson. I have no idea how that happened. Don't think it was anything I did. Can anyone explain this?
  8. Hello all, There doesn't seem to be a way to delete old form names from the filter in the contacts area. Does anyone know if this is possible? When I saved a section that had a form on it, and added that saved section to a new page the form name plus a 2 was added to the form names in the filter. It didn't change when I edited the form name. And I can't delete it. This may not seem like a big isue but fo the purpose I need to use the filter it is quit annoying. This form is behind a paywall for a course. here is a screen shot. the form name Wshop 2 - Topic 2 2 needs to be removed. Any ideas? thanks.
  9. Hi brains trust, can anyone help me with some code to customise the 'complete & continue' button at the bottom of every course topic page? I want it to read 'Next Topic' instead. The site is a sandbox site here: https://beagle-asparagus-zsk4.squarespace.com/next-gen/workshop-1-why-leadership-ekrmy Password: Callan For background, I've made a fairly clumsy work around so that my client can track who has completed each lesson/ topic. There is a form on the age that asks users to complete the topic by submitting a form, and completions can be found in the contacts section under form submitters and filtered by each form. Hopefully this is just a short term fix until I work out something better or Squarespaces allows admins to track participant progress.
  10. Hi @samtenpa as Rache said, squarespace can't show administrators the progress of course participants yet. It's a bit of a let down that limitation. But to your other question, it is very easy to embed a quiz or other interactive applications in a Squarespace course. This YouTube tutorial shows you how to embed a Google form, which you can use for a Quiz. This process is virtually the sae for many other quiz building apps, including Slibo etc.
  11. Hi all, I need some help please with a bit of code to remove the word 'FREE' from a member login site. please see screen shot. I can delete it in Chrome Developer, but still don't know what code to inject or write into CSS. Many thanks in advance. Site page is: https://www.firstpeoplesleading.com.au/next-gen
  12. Thank you, this fixed it. Really appreciate it!
  13. Hi all, I've tried this several times and my changes to the colour style of a section in my course will not save. I'm only trying to change a colour from one to another in my palette. The particular issues is for a course module background. I change colour, it previews correctly. I save. It reverts back to old colour. This has happened in squarespace before but usually fixes itself after a while. But it hasn't after about 6 attempts this time. I've recorded the issue here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uoa9RA2y6DQjB6IxmYcPhWSJ-30eU1_5/view?usp=sharing Website: https://www.firstpeoplesleading.com.au/next-gen
  14. Thank you, I had tried that and I get no response to the mobile header code. See screenshots of what I have tried in the custom CSS section. I've tried the following: @media only screen and (max-width: 640px){ #collection-652f8e9dea52a52756969ded .header { background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255, .5); } } And @media only screen and (max-width: 640px){ .header { background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255, .5); } }
  15. Hi sqaurespace community, I need some help please putting a semi-transparent colour behind the homepage header on mobile views. I can get it to work as wanted when i use the code inspector on Google chrome but not when entering the same code to the Squarespace page. Any assistance valued, thanks! The website is: https://www.firstpeoplesleading.com.au/ PW: Callan Mobile header CC I'm using is: @media only screen and (max-width: 640px){ .header { background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255, .5); Thanks, First screenshot shows how it looks with the above code showing in the header. The second screenshot shows what I'd like it to look like (less the code on the page). } }
  16. Wow, thought I had triple checked that. Thank you.
  17. Hello again brains! I would like to automate a process so that when people buy our digital products they are made members of a particular members area aligned with that product. Is this possible? Can anyone describe the process for setting it up this way? Many thanks,
  18. Thanks again Ziggy, but that didn't seem to work.
  19. Hello brains, I'm using the following code to try to hide a section on mobile: @media screen and (max-width:640px) { section[data-section-id=“521f8bb33932843b56f8b05”] { display: none; } } But alas, it's still showing in mobile. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? You can see my screenshot below. URL is https://pigeon-flatworm-tkrl.squarespace.com/ P/W: Callan
  20. Hello, I'm finding it very difficult. to find much useful info on the Digital Products Add-Ons. I want to try the new courses function but I won't be doing that if I have to pay 9% transaction fees. So I want to know more about the Digital Add Ons packages which supposedly reduce or remove that transaction fee. Does anyone know where I can find info on prices for the digital add ons packages, and info on features of each package? I'm working in AU$ dollars so that info would be helpful too. Thanks.
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